Mapping Your Sources

A multi-media project that demonstrates the interconnected nature of academic sources Due Monday, April 25 at 11:59 pm via BB

The purpose of the assignment is

1. Recognize the interconnected nature of your sources,

2. Establish reliability

3. Realize the context of your information

4. Have fun and be creative in a new medium

You will be given the freedom to decide what this looks like

I.e. A poster board that shows where your sources are located on a map and timeline
A Prezi that demonstrates links between sources, be it research interests, locations,
time frame, shared sources etc.
A Padlet board with each team member posting information about their sources and
linking them to one another
A video presentation identifying context and reliability

Your project must include the following:

At least two sources from everyone’s final project
Statements of reliability (much more in-depth than for the proposal)
The context for your sources (i.e. who, what (convo inquiry) , why?)
The interconnected nature of your groups sources

Project Stats